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Optics First

The guiding principle behind every Nikon product has always been to engineer it from the inside out. By creating an optical system specific to the function of each product, Nikon can better match the product attributes specifically to the needs of the user. The result is what we call our “Optics First Design Principle,” and it applies to every optic Nikon makes.

As one of the few makers of optical glass in the world, Nikon has a unique advantage of having the knowledge and experience to specify and select the exact type of glass, lens geometry and multicoatings needed to optimise the performance of any given optic. This level of performance can be seen and appreciated when putting any Nikon optic to the test in real world conditions.

Delivering Peerless Vision
is Second Nature.

Nikon offers an extensive lineup of binoculars, including several of the world’s most popular series for a diverse range of applications. Each model features various technical specifications that can help you in making the right selection. Magnification is usually considered most important, but field of view, brightness, ease of handling (weight, feel, ergonomics), suitability for eyeglass wearers and overall construction should also be taken into account.


Nikon Binoculars have established a benchmark for extraordinary value by which all others are compared. Building on Nikon’s eminence as the global leader in precision optics, we provide binoculars for virtually any application, making it easy to find brilliant, impeccable optics for your own specific needs.

Give Your Game An Edge.

Nikon laser rangefinders measure your distance using advanced laser ranging technology for pinpoint accuracy. Our laser rangefinders are the right tool for a variety of uses, whether you need a golf rangefinder, angle measuring tool, kit-worthy forestry product, or a long range rangefinder.

No matter why you need a Nikon rangefinder, you’ll always benefit from stability features and precision technology to get the exact distance readout you need. Nikon rangefinders eclipse everything in the field when it comes to long-range performance, and extend what was previously thought possible of a rangefinder in this class.

Range Finders

When accounting for distance—on the golf course or in the field—nothing is more essential than accuracy. Known industry-wide for superior optical technologies, Nikon proudly offers an exceptional lineup of laser rangefinders, each perfectly suited to its particular purpose.

Bigger than Life.

Whether you’re spotting at extreme ranges, getting a better look at moderate distances or enjoying the cityscape from a high-rise, nothing matches the ability of Nikon’s Fieldscopes to reveal every detail with optimum contrast, edge-to-edge resolution and brilliant colour.


Nikon fieldscopes & spotting scopes get you a brilliant up-close view in a variety of applications. Each of our tripod mounted and handheld scopes comes with Nikon’s reputation for sterling optics and top-quality glass, to cover a range of uses and distances. Find the right fieldscope option for you, from long range spotting scopes, to moderate distance models that make for the perfect bird watching spotting scope. No matter your ideal distance or budget, Nikon’s Fieldscopes reveal every detail with optimum contrast, edge-to-edge resolution and brilliant colour.