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Taking Your Photos to the Next Level

The lightweight and slim D7500 delivers even more mobility and enables photographers to capture any and all moments nearly effortlessly. The high-speed continuous shooting performance of up to 8 fps and its 51-point AF system allow you to continuously and precisely capture subjects, even those which move erratically.
The D7500 combines the excellent shooting capabilities and image quality inherited from the D500, the Nikon DX format flagship DSLR, and is sure to raise your photography skills to the next level.


Camera Features

In-depth Explanations on Basic Performance and Remarkable Features - Understanding the D7500

The D7500 possesses excellent shooting capabilities hidden in a lightweight and slim body. In the following articles we explain in detail about the basic performance and remarkable features of the D7500, which can easily deal with any subject.

Remarkable Features of the D7500 at a GlanceThe D7500 has a lightweight and slim body that offers excellent holding comfort. In this article, let us check out some features of the D7500, while comparing with the higher-end model D500 as well as the predecessor model D7200.


The Depictive and Capturing Capabilities of the High-performance D7500The D7500 is equipped with fine resolving power, outstanding high ISO sensitivity performance, as well as continuous high-speed shooting that precisely captures moving subjects. Read about the high level of basic performance that the D7500 possesses in the following article.



Ways to Utilize Aperture-Priority Auto & Techniques for Shooting Popular Subjects

Once you get familiar with the features of the D7500, it is time to go out and shoot with the camera. In the following part we will introduce how to utilize "Aperture-priority auto", a mode used by many professional photographers, and how to go about photographing popular subjects such as 'Children', 'Birds', and 'Nightscapes'.

Tips for Using D7500

Get Started with Aperture-Priority Auto

The D7500 is your best companion for capturing sudden encounters. In the following, Koji Ueda will explain the basic steps for producing images using “Aperture-priority auto” as well as the corresponding camera settings.


Children: Capture Those Natural Smiles with AF-C and Fast Continuous ShootingWith the D7500, which combines high AF performance with high-speed continuous shooting performance, anyone can capture beautiful photos with ease. Here, Koji Ueda will introduce 3 convenient ways to make the most of the camera’s features.


Birds: Camera Functions that Give You the Best Chance of Capturing the MomentRichly coloured wild birds are very attractive subjects, yet they are fairly difficult to photograph due to their quick movements. However, by configuring the D7500 with the optimal settings for shooting wild birds, you too can capture stunningly beautiful photos.


Nightscapes: How to Effectively Suppress Vibrations and Depict Your Images SharplyGlittering nightscapes are a subject that just about anyone would want to shoot at least once in their lives. In this article, Koji Ueda explains how to capture night views in sharp detail, and with minimal camera shake, using the handy features of the D7500.


Recommended NIKKOR Lenses for Broader Expression

An Ultra-Wide-Angle Zoom Lens for Capturing Magnificent Landscapes at Sweeping Angles-of-ViewThe AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED is an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for capturing a view wider than the eye can see. Invaluable for shooting magnificent landscapes or for indoor spaces.


A Macro Prime Lens for Depicting Minute Subjects Up-Close and in Tack Sharp DetailThe AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f2.8G ED is a macro prime lens capable of 1:1 magnification that enables minute subjects such as flowers and insects to fill your frame.


A Telephoto Zoom Lens Excellent for Arranging Backgrounds Using the Compression EffectThe AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f4.5-6.3G ED VR is a lightweight and compact telephoto zoom lens that allows you to enjoy capturing images of distant subjects up-close, while making the most of the compression effect.