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Discover Nikon's FX-format Mirrorless Cameras - the Z series

Nikon's FX-format mirrorless cameras—the Z series—have attracted considerable attention since their official announcement. How will it change the way we capture photos and videos, and bring imaging to new heights? Get to know more about the Nikon Z series, with the articles that are drawing in photographers from all over the world.


Camera Features

The all-new FX-format mirrorless cameras—the Z series—are equipped with a plethora of features, but how practical are these from the viewpoint of photography? Additionally, how does the performance of the Nikon Z 7, which is equipped with a high-resolution 45.7MP sensor, compared to the D850, which is said to feature Nikon's highest image quality? The following is a complete breakdown of the Nikon Z series from the viewpoint of photographers.


Not just the beautiful image quality of the Nikon Z series cameras appeals to photographers, but their shooting capabilities as well: fast and accurate autofocus capabilities, operating the camera without taking your eyes off the viewfinder, verifying the resulting image through the EVF, and the kaleidoscope of depictions made possible with Picture Control. Photographers who have put the camera through its paces share with us their tips for mastering the Nikon Z series by scene.